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Conversion of the certificate examination

If you receive electronically qualified signed invoices via our services, we hereby inform you about the following technical change. Due to a technical change at the signature service provider, the structure of the verification file provided by us will change as of 29.07.2021. If you do not have automatic processing for the contents of this verification file, you do not need to take any further action. If automatic processing takes place, you will find the old and the new structure and instructions here.


Old signature check file

New signature check file

Secure delivery for private customers

From now on, it is also possible to grant private customers their own portal access in order to be able to deliver documents to them securely and unchangeably. Registration is free of charge for private customers and optimised for mobile devices. It is still possible to forward incoming invoices by email.

Peppol Access Point

b4 is a certified Peppol Access Point and is therefore able to register you in the Peppol network. As a participant, you are able to send and receive documents via Peppol. This means that you can now reach many other companies and authorities in Germany, Europe and the world beyond the TRAFFIQX® network and its roaming partners.

Are you interested in the topic of Peppol and want to benefit from the advantages of the network? Visit one of our web conferences on the topic:

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Flatten PDF

The merging of PDF documents and their attachments is now also possible as "Flatten PDF". This means that the attachments are simply added as further pages after the actual transaction document. The transfer of the attachments as separate files or as an attachment of a PDF Container is no longer necessary.

Print Invitation

Reduce your postage costs and use our invitation service. From now on, we also offer you an individual attachment to your paper documents. The integrated 2D barcode is very convenient for your business partners. We will be happy to design an invitation campaign for you and significantly reduce your postage costs.


We support the sending and receiving of XRechnung with many useful additional services. The integration and extraction of attachments, visualisation and conversion into a data format for automated further processing are possible.

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