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Receiving business documents

Receive documents centrally across all channels

In the communication of companies with suppliers, the company usually receives document types from its suppliers that have to be processed in subsequent processes. Order confirmations, shipping notifications, invoices, credit notes and reminders are the incoming document types that cause high processing costs for the receiving company. The different organisational forms, processes and systems at hundreds or thousands of suppliers make it impossible to get the same document & data format from all of them. To build an internal solution for the relevant communication flows, on the other hand, is very time-consuming and costly and also requires the development of specialised knowledge. b4 helps companies to drastically reduce these costs. To this end, we provide electronic services that, for example, reduce the costs of processing incoming invoices by up to 50%.

b4 replaces paper documents with electronic processes. The paper route also continues to be supported. Thus, all dispatch and receipt needs of a company for the exchange of business documents and data with its suppliers are covered. Thus, b4 offers companies a solution for the entire supplier communication that is modular and oriented towards the company-specific preferred communication channel.

The following submenus describe the individual services available to companies for sending and receiving in supplier communication:

Document types in communication with suppliers
The exchange of documents and data with suppliers holds enormous savings potential for every company.

Receiving options

Letter post

Process your letter mail with OCR support and practical tools to recognise and automatically capture recurring documents.


Receive invoices securely by email and convert PDFs into a fully functional data set that you can process further automatically.

Data set

Receive full-value but heterogeneous electronic documents from your business partners. The transfer to existing workflows, archives and accounting systems is automated.


Receive government invoice formats, present data formats in a readable way and transfer them to your downstream and existing systems with verification and approval processes.