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Sending business documents

Send your documents the way the recipient wants them to be sent

In communication with customers, the majority of documents are sent from the company to its customers. Companies are therefore primarily senders in customer communication. As senders, companies are often confronted with a wide variety of reception requests from their customers, because they use existing processes for incoming document processing. Different organisational forms, process flows and software systems determine these existing processes and require different formats and delivery methods for each type of document. Users of our services can meet all their customers' reception requirements and save up to 70% on their delivery costs!

TRAFFIQX® technology replaces paper documents with electronic processes. At the same time, the paper route continues to be supported. In this way, all shipping and receiving requirements of a company and its customers for the exchange of business documents and data are covered. In this way, we offer companies a solution for all customer communication that is modular and available depending on the company's needs. The following submenus describe the individual services that are available for sending and receiving in customer communication for companies.

Shipping options

Letter Post

With customers who currently still want to receive paper documents from the company, e.g. invoices and order confirmations by post and delivery notifications by fax.


With customers who only want to exchange electronic documents, e.g. signed invoices as PDF or TIFF via secure download or by email.


With customers who want to exchange electronic data via X400, AS2 or via existing EDI platforms, e.g. EDIFACT in the message format Order, DESADV or Invoice.


With customers who want to exchange electronic data and documents, e.g. signed invoices as PDF or TIFF plus the data set as iDoc, XML or CSV via secure download, FTP, S-FTP, e-mail or via other portals.