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One technology for all

The mission future already today

As one of the most successful spin-offs of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), we started in 2004 with the idea of developing networked services for businesses, which until then had only been reserved for large companies and corporations. GmbH sees itself as a "" - a value-added network with a focus on receiving and sending business documents securely - electronically, via any channel, in any format, worldwide.

To fulfil this mission, we founded the TRAFFIQX® network for electronic data and document exchange. Based on the technology we developed, well-known providers operate their own nodes in the network, all of which interact with each other. With this so far unique future technology and the cooperation of legally independent companies, customers and suppliers are connected sustainably and in partnership.

The open architecture enables the connection of further platforms and technologies. All users and providers automatically benefit from further developments, new processes and data formats. In a rapidly changing industry, our technology represents a unique win-win situation, as it ensures nothing less than that every participant can interact across the entire network and beyond, without expensive and time-consuming in-house solutions.

Advantage 1

To use TRAFFIQX® technology, no investment in hardware or software is necessary, because each provider operates its node according to the Software as a Service (SaaS) principle.

Advantage 2

No project is required to connect a company or public authority, as we support almost all standards, documents and data formats. TRAFFIQX® technology uses the data formats and interfaces that are already available.

Advantage 3

There is no need to train and retrain staff, as the existing rules and working methods are retained or automated through the use of TRAFFIQX® technology.

The TRAFFIQX® providers can pass on the cost advantages of shared technology, economies of scale and standardisation to their customers. In the TRAFFIQX® network, everyone therefore benefits: participants, providers and experts.

Our promise

  • Legal Certainty

  • Data Security

  • Fail Safety

  • Secured Transmission

Value Added Services

  • Cost-optimised letter post dispatch

  • Central processing of incoming mail

  • Supplier and customer connection


  • VeR Roaming

  • EU-wide Business2Government

  • EDI Platforms

  • Value Added Networks