b4value.net VisionWhat we represent

The b4 value team represents a steadily expanding network for fair and professional interaction: unbureaucratic, competent, and fast these are the standards we set for ourselves In addition, we believe in immediately available document and data transfer services no installations, risk-free, and in accordance with all standards and legal standards. We have made a commitment to one key objective: together with our core business and our network, our goal is to eliminate expensive paper costs in the interests of our customers and the environment. Monopolistic structures i.e., bottlenecks in the communications flow are history. Today, networks are the only means to assure rapid exchanges at a fair price. The b4 Network represents a functioning and robust community, which leaves the national monopolies and hurdles behind and benefits from all the advantages of modern, more efficient communications.

  • VeR Roaming Partner
  • kununu TOP COMPANY
  • DATEVConnectOnline
  • PEPPOL AccessPoint
  • TRAFFIQX Provider
  • TRAFFIQX Teilnehmer
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