Electronic document exchange with suppliers


Today, an increasing number of companies are in a position to send electronic documents, with and without signatures, to their business partners. However, for most recipients, that is not enough. If sent without the appropriate data sets for their EDP systems or sent via the incorrect inbound channel, the receiving company often ends up with more expense rather than less. b4 provides the possibility to automatically generate, from readable PDF documents, precisely those data sets required by the respective b4 user to automate the process. The documents plus the prepared data sets are then delivered to the b4 user, like any other inbound format, over the portal in the incoming mail with automatic forwarding from there, as required.


The electronic document dispatch with and without signature is the preferred communication format of suppliers not wanting to receive additional data. Especially for smaller companies and enterprises not needing data sets or not knowing what to do with them prefer orders and credit notes as PDF or TIFF format. Additionally, electronic credit notes in these formats are signed in accordance with applicable legal requirements by accredited signature providers. The receiver may choose from receiving the documents via email or rather a secure download from the b4 Portal, manually or fully automatic with the TRAFFIQX® Connector. b4 network members save additionally, because b4 performs a signature validation free of charge. in this service module, the dispatching party receives a feedback about the dispatch via the b4 Portal, thus keeping the same control and transparency as with other b4 services. The documents archived by the sender including the applicable signature and an index file may be downloaded manually or automatically with the TRAFFIQX® Connector. With the free of charge b4 Invitation Process the company may motivate its business partners quickly and easily to electronic receipt, the elimination of paper safes costs for both sides.


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