Electronic document and data exchange with suppliers

TRAFFIQX® 2 TRAFFIQX® (e-Doc & Data)

The data capture and digitization of the paper documents frequently still sent by suppliers as letter mail, forces the receiving companies to incur significant costs. The supplier who converts to electronic documents generates a tremendous cost savings for both sender and receiver. However, the electronic image (PDF) alone is not sufficient for many receivers. In order to automatically process order confirmations, despatch advices, invoices, and credit notes, the receiver also needs the data sets appropriate for the installed EDP system. There is a parallel requirement to provide a visual presentation so the operators can clarify discrepancies, perform acceptance processes, or complete other downstream processing steps. Furthermore, in the case of electronic invoices and credit notes, both the sender and the receiver have a responsibility to comply with additional legal requirements. All of these considerations are addressed in our b4 TRAFFIQX® solution - the perfect platform for the pure electronic exchange of documents and data.

  • TRAFFIQX® is extremely cost efficient, fast, reliable, and flexible perfect for companies of all sizes in any sector. It takes only a few minutes to become operational and there is no upfront investment.
  • TRAFFIQX® performs the electronic exchange between companies within the b4 platform and the platforms of our network multipliers as well as with third party platforms.
  • TRAFFIQX® combines image formats for display to humans with the processing and control information content stored in data sets for EDP systems along with verification protocols and signatures.
  • TRAFFIQX® permits suppliers to send just what the customers want for their processing and cost optimization needs: individual data sets per document and document type, in addition to a visual format like PDF or TIFF.

The documents with the associated signatures and index files can be downloaded by the sender, supporting either manual or fully automated archival via the TRAFFIQX® Connector. The archival itself is incumbent upon the companies using b4 for their dispatching and receiving processes. If requested, b4 also offers an optional service module for long term archiving. Take advantage of our complimentary b4 invitation process to quickly and easily convince your suppliers to consent to electronic receiving - paperless - a great way for both parties to save costs. We are glad to help companies motivate their suppliers to switch over to b4 and become members of the electronic exchange network. The invitation process for business partners is described below:


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