Electronic data exchange with suppliers


For the receiving company, “Data 2 Viper" is the right service module when a supplier is sending only data sets. b4 will also generate an image display for the data set. It makes no difference which one of the many channels available is used by the supplier to provide the data to b4. The data is converted and provided to the intended b4 user over the portal. In the case of invoices and credits, in addition to the PDF or TIFF image file, an electronic signature is created and sent to the receiver along with the required verification protocol.


For suppliers wanting to receiver their orders and remittance advices per EDI data set, b4 offers solutions for the most common data formats and delivery types. Expensive EDI converters are omitted. b4 serves the exchange per EDI directly or via other platforms. As transmission channels the following X400, AS2, FTP, S-FTP, E-Mail, Web-Service and TRAFFIQX® Connector may be selected individually. EDI-standards such as EDIFACT, INVOIC, ORDERS, DESADV are generated as well as individual subsets, i-Doc, XML- and CSV-formats. Customer specific formats are also possible. Suppliers save time and money processing orders directly as a data set. In addition, the potential for error is greatly reduced. The data generated by the TRAFFIQX® printer and transmitted to the portal safely by the TRAFFIQX® connector are than processed according to the requirements of the recipient and transmitted via the selected channel. As it is with all transactions via b4 services, the b4 Portal offers b4 users the complete transparency and control with dispatch and receipt of documents and data.


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