Cost savings with electronic documents and data

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In the area of , companies receive from their suppliers mainly the document types required for inbound processes. Order confirmations, despatch advices, invoices, credit notes, and reminders are the inbound document types that cause high processing costs for the receiving company. Different organizational forms, processes, and systems at hundreds or even thousands of suppliers make it impossible to have the same document & data format sent by all of them. It is time and cost intensive to create an internal platform for the relevant communication flows and it presupposes the presence or acquisition of special know-how. b4 assists companies to avoid such high cost undertakings. We provide electronic services, that reduce the processing costs of inbound invoices up to 50%.

There are four general categories of suppliers with whom companies must communicate. The four supplier communications groups are discussed below:
  1. Suppliers who still prefer to exchange paper documents, for example, to send invoices per mail or to receive orders per fax.
  2. Suppliers who prefer electronic document exchange, for example, to send signed invoices to their customers.
  3. Suppliers who want to exchange data, for example, to send invoices in the EDIFACT messaging format INVOIC or to receive business orders in the ORDER format via X400, AS2 or another EDI platform.
  4. Suppliers, who in the view of the company, need to start exchanging data and electronic documents. In this case, b4 offers a rapid link to suppliers through the simple installation of the VIPER printer driver, in many languages and without changes to the existing processes.

b4 can eliminate paper documents through VIRTUAL PAPER. However, the integrated b4 service offer also includes paper distribution. In this way, we cover every type of dispatch and delivery a company may require for the exchange of business documents and data with its suppliers. b4 provides a solution to all of a company's supply chain communication requirements - modular in design and oriented on the preferred, company-specific form of communications.

The following submenus describe the modular services available for dispatch and delivery processes in supplier communications:
  • Types of documents for communicating with suppliers
  • Der Dokumenten- und Datenaustausch mit Lieferanten birgt für jedes Unternehmen ein enormes Sparpotenzial
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