Send and receive paper documents with customers


Many companies still have business partners whose processes are not yet setup for an electronic exchange of business documents and, necessarily, prefer paper documents. This is not a problem for b4 users, because we also send letter mail. The sending company uses b4 TRAFFIQX® for print data transfer, similar to electronic mailing. The subsequent paper mailing is handled by our network partners who operate high security printing centers and work to the highest of all quality assurance standards. All service providers belong to the expert alliance of the b4 partner network. This service offer provides all b4 users the advantages of industrial printing & enveloping: resources with rapid throughput times, bundling per address, and optimization of postage. The b4 dispatcher receives a confirmation of distribution via the b4 portal and, in this way, has direct control and transparency just as with a fully electronic delivery. b4 users save 10 to 35% of their internal costs through the use of industrial production, bundled mailings per receiver, postage optimization, and alternative delivery services.


For paper documents like order confirmations, shipping notices, and credits inbound as letter mail from customers to a b4 user company, we provide mail processing modules for digitization and data capture. Companies may select the appropriate b4 service modules to manage the entire process chain from the incoming mailbox and the preparation of documents, to scanning and data extraction and verification. Equipped with state of the art technologies, our high performance scanning centers combine with professional services to insure an optimum price-performance ratio with a total quality guarantee. We cooperate in this area with scanning and data capture experts who are members of the b4 network. The documents can be sent either by the company to a b4 partner or directly to the company's mailbox at the b4 partner. The service provider digitizes the documents and produces the defined image and data set formats and then sends them to the inbox of the b4 portal just like all other addressed documents and data. There, in a fully automatic process via TRAFFIQX® Connector, FTP, S-FTP, or web-service, the documents and data are transferred into the workflow, ERP, or archiving systems of the receiver company. Special connectors, interfaces, and workflow components recommended by the b4 network technical experts for SAP, Navision, archival, and document management systems round out our service offer. Master data, provided by the company to support data capture, are similarly transferred automatically from the TRAFFIQX® Connector over the portal to facilitate the data capture process.


The exchange of business documents via fax is no longer as common in today’s business world as it once was. Nevertheless, there are some b4 users that still need to have this type of communication with their business partners. This is the reason we offer all b4 users, in compliance with legal statutes and in combination with TRAFFIQX®, the production and dispatch of business documents per fax. Nothing changes for the b4 user. TRAFFIQX® handles the data transfer just as it does for other means of transmission to the customer. The b4 fax service guarantees the correct delivery. The b4 user receives feedback about the fax transmission over the b4 portal and has the same transparency and control as in all other means of transmission.


It is still common today for suppliers to receive their customer orders via fax. In this case, b4 users can purchase the “Fax 2 TRAFFIQX®” service module described below: b4 offers optional modules such as “Fax 2 TRAFFIQX®” to manage the digitization and data capture of incoming documents faxed by a customer, for example, a purchase order. We cooperate with service providers who are members of the b4 expert alliance to perform the data capture from incoming faxed documents. Modern recognition technologies (OCR) combine with professional services to assure the b4 users an optimal price performance ratio as well as a quality guaranty. The faxed documents are either sent from the b4 user’s FAX server for data extraction or redirected to the b4 FAX server. The data is then extracted from the document and verified at the b4 partner using various OCR technologies. This is followed by manual checks at the monitor workstations. The digitized documents are then provided in the b4 user’s defined image and data set formats to the incoming mailbox on the b4 portal, just as for all other electronic documents received. A fully automatic transfer of the documents and data is possible from there via the TRAFFIQX® Connector, FTP, S-FTP, or web-service to the b4 user company’s internal workflow, ERP, and archival systems. Special connectors, interfaces, and workflow components from the technology experts for SAP, Navision, and document management and archival systems from the b4 network round out the b4 offer. The master data required to support data capture is provided by the b4 user and transferred automatically from TRAFFIQX® Connector over the portal for use in the capture process.


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