Electronic document exchange with customers


The communications format for electronic documents, with or without signature, is preferred by customers who have gone "paperless" and require no supplemental data. In addition to the private customers, PDF or TIFF documents are preferred by small businesses and firms that do not need or are not equipped to handle additional data sets. Electronic invoices in these formats are electronically signed by b4 in accordance with statutory regulations. b4 manages only signatures from accredited signature providers. The receiving b4 user may choose whether to receive documents per e-mail or per secure download from the b4 portal – manually or fully automated, with the TRAFFIQX® Connector. Members of the b4 network can save even more: with a power of attorney, b4 performs signature checks for the recipients and, at no extra charge, sends the inspection certificate required by law. The sending b4 company receives a confirmation of dispatch from this service module via the b4 portal providing the same transparency and control as with other b4 transactions. The documents with the associated signatures and index files can be downloaded by the sender, supporting either manual or fully automated archival, via the TRAFFIQX® Connector. Take advantage of our complimentary b4 invitation process to quickly and easily convince your business partners to consent to electronic delivery - paperless - a way for both parties to save costs.


More and more companies may be able to send documents with or without signature for example as orders in a PDF format via email but mostly without a processable data set. Without the matching data set for the respective IT-System or the input via an inadequate input channel a PDF document may often times creates more effort than benefit. b4 offers its users the possibility to generate the receiver relevant data sets automatically from the senders readable PDF-document. The documents plus the generated data sets are delivered to the portal like any other input formats delivered to the b4 portal and then transmitted automatically.



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