Electronic data exchange with customers


Sometimes companies have customers that insist on the electronic exchange of data. b4 provides the communications needed for all common data formats and delivery types. b4 exchanges data directly over EDI or over other platforms. The transfer channels are individually selected and include: X400, AS2, FTP, S-FTP, e-mail, web service, and TRAFFIQX® Connector. EDI standards like EDIFACT INVOIC, ORDERS, DESADV are generated as well as separate subsets, i-Doc, XML, and CSV formats. Even customer-specific formats are possible. The data generated from TRAFFIQX® Printer and securely transferred to the portal from TRAFFIQX® Connector are prepared individually and forwarded to the recipient over the desired channels. In addition, the sender can generate a collective invoice and send it per letter mail or electronic mail with a signature – b4 also provides data sets with signature according to the statutory provisions of the VAT law. Here again, as in all communications, the b4 portal provides full transparency and manageability. Every b4 user has full control of the electronic data exchange at all times.


In case a company has customers wanting to send data sets, “Data 2 TRAFFIQX®” is the appropriate service module. b4 generates a pictorial representation of the data set. b4 users may freely select the channels used to deliver the data sets for the b4 users. The data is then converted and made available in the inbox of the b4 Portal. For example, b4 user receive orders and remittance advices from their customers electronically in the document and data format and delivery channel selected by them in the b4 portal.


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