Customer-specific communications and competitive advantageKundenkommunikation mit GmbH

The majority of involves sending documents from the company to the customer. In the area of customer communications, companies are primarily senders. As senders, companies are often confronted with a wide range of delivery preferences as customers continue to use their existing processes to receive and process inbound documents. Different organizational forms, processes, and software systems define the current practices and may require different formats and delivery channels for each document type. b4 users can respond to every customer preference and svave up to 70% of their own costs.

There are four general categories of customers with whom companies must communicate. The four communications group are discussed below:
  1. Customers who, presently, still prefer to receive paper documents, for example, invoices per letter mail as well as shipping notices and order confirmations per fax.
  2. Customers who prefer electronic document exchange, for example, signed invoices as PDF or Tiff via secure download or per e-mail.
  3. Customers who want electronic dataexchanged via X400, AS2 or over an existing EDI platform, for example, EDIFACT ORDER, DESADV, or INVOIC message formats.
  4. Customers who want to exchange both electronic data and documents, for example, signed invoices as PDF or TIFF plus the data set as i-Doc, XML, or CSV via secure download, FTP, S-FTP, e-mail, or some other portal.

b4 VIPER replaces paper documents with VIRTUAL PAPER. However, the integrated b4 service offer also includes paper distribution. In this way, every type of dispatch and delivery required by a company and its customers for the exchange of business documents and data is covered. b4 provides a component solution to meet all of a company's customer communication requirements - no matter what those needs may be.

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