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We make it simple for any company using our platform to invite their customers to join the b4 network. The invitation involves sending a link to the customer. This provides the customer individual access to the b4 portal and additional information about the installation of the virtual printer driver. Every new member is an added asset to the b4 user that invited them: the more business partners using the platform, the greater the savings potential for the company. There is yet another way to invite customers of your company to join the platform: our rollout team. A member company can request us to contact all the customers that regularly engage in a high volume of document exchange with that company. We will inform the customers named by the company about the simple procedure and the advantages of electronic document and data exchange and then, if requested, integrate the new member. Every new member of the b4 network will then be able to receive electronic documents free of charge over the b4 portal - per e-mail or via a secure, manual or fully automatic, download. The delivery includes the required electronic signature (in the case of invoices and credit notes), and the inspection certificate assigned to the recipient. This assumes the special power of attorney for signature checks is present. The customers invited directly by the company or approached through us have the option to choose their own data set formats and alternative delivery types. Any related costs incurred are normally carried by the recipient.

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