The changeover to VIRTUAL PAPER

In order to optimally exploit the enormous saving potential of document and data exchange via b4, it is necessary to integrate into the network as many of the company's business partners as possible. However, with hundreds or thousands of customers & suppliers, it is not a simple thing to know which ones are already able to exchange electronic documents and/or data and, in what configuration they are willing to do it. We support companies in their efforts to convince their business partners to join the b4 network and, in this respect, we can offer proven information and integration processes to both customers and suppliers alike. b4 provides a finished concept, from the cost-free and fully automatic invitation and registration process, to the customized customer-supplier approach used by our expert rollout teams. b4 users cooperate by providing us with address lists of their business partners. We write to these companies and make arrangements to present the fast and easy b4 network access during a net-meeting. Of course, it is clear to us that all members of the b4 network will benefit in their dual roles as customers and suppliers and similarly, in their dual functions as dispatchers and receivers. The business partners can be integrated into the b4 platform in just a few minutes with the aid of the patented VIPER process and the installation of the VIPER printer driver (Connector). As more and more business partners use the b4 network, the result is a greater benefit to all members – accompanied by the conclusive proof of cost advantages for all – and, this comes risk-free and without any capital investment.

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