Use VIRTUAL PAPER to communicate with business partners

Companies often exchange business data and documents with hundreds or even thousands of business partners. These exchanges may require different options for dispatch and delivery. Furthermore, more and more companies wish to or, have to, reduce the costs of processing business documents such as offers, purchase orders, shipping notices, order confirmations, invoices, and reminders. This is where electronic document and data exchange can have a major impact. A savings potential can even be realized in the transfer of paper documents. b4 helps companies to dramatically cut the costs of communicating with their customers and suppliers. Our services can save business partners up to 70% of their costs. The reliable exchange of business documents and data via b4 requires no more than a simple internet access and the 10 minutes necessary to install the TRAFFIQX® printer driver, "TRAFFIQX® Connector". This is our special competence area: TRAFFIQX® Connector offers all companies a rapid entry into the b4 network – with no change to the existing systems, structures, and processes. The b4 service offer is appropriate for companies of all sizes and sectors and includes all processes involved in the exchange of – electronic and paper – between business partners. Our services combine the presentation formats (paper, PDF, TIFF) for human communications with the data exchange requirements of different IT systems (CSV, XML, i-Doc, Edifact). We facilitate the exchange of business documents in over a variety of delivery channels (post, e-mail, portal, FTP, X400) – selectable by document type. The b4 user simply defines a desired incoming and outgoing format per document type. We take care of the conversion and the delivery of the specifically requested formats. The of our services means companies may choose to perform only a portion of their document and data exchanges using b4 or to have b4 services manage the total process. A company that decides to use b4 services has continuous control over its own secure area in the b4 portal - with cost transparency for every dispatch and receipt transaction. As an additional service, we will invite the business partners of any b4 user to join in the electronic document and data exchange. We will show them how easy it is – via a netmeeting and through personal contact. All b4 services for the two most important groups of business partners for a company are described in the menus "Customer Communications", "Supplier Communications" with more information provided under the menu "Integrating Business Partners".


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