Now New: The TRAFFIQX® Label

Now New: The TRAFFIQX® Label

Show that you are part of digitization!
With the new TRAFFIQX® labels.

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we as GmbH and part of the TRAFFIQX® network would like to introduce the new TRAFFIQX® labels. From now on providers, multipliers, experts and participants can show that they are part of the TRAFFIQX® network. Thus, you show both existing and potential new business partners who want to connect with you that they are already part of the electronic document and data exchange.


Digitize yourself further, increase your visibility and network with business partners more easily than ever before. Optimize your processes and help yourself save time and upcoming process and postage costs with every new registration. Bind customers and suppliers more easily in the future, without much extra effort, by using the new TRAFFIQX® Label.



More information about the benefits, functionality and integration, as well as a download of the labels as image files can be found here: GmbH

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