• All formats, all delivery types

    All formats, all delivery types

    Provide you customers with the formats
    and delivery channels they require.
    Process incoming documents extensively automated.
    No modification to your in-house system is necessary.
  • Direct cost savings

    Direct cost savings

    Profit immediately from significantly reduced
    processing costs and intelligent mailings
  • No modification to your in-house system

    No modification to your in-house system

    We provide fast access to electronic dispatch and receipt
    of transaction documents for your company.
    In addition to industry standard formats we
    support the easiest of ways, the simple installation of a printer driver.
  • Your advantages within the network

    Your advantages within the network

    As a user of our services you are a member in a
    network of service providers, partners and experts,
    the TRAFFIQX© network. Find out benefits for you.
  • All formats, all delivery types
  • Direct cost savings
  • No modification to your in-house system
  • Your advantages within the network
Network Founders

Network Founders

As founder of the TRAFFIQX© network b4 not only supplies the technological basis but is also deeply involved as a visionary and pioneer in the future of electronic document and data exchange development.

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Service Provider

Service Provider

We as TRAFFIQX© Provider offer companies of all branches and sizes secure receipt and dispatch of transaction documents electronically via any channel, worldwide.

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Network Partner

Network Partner

The professional services of the TRAFFIQX© network are provided according to the requirements by selected TRAFFIQX© partners. Thus, we offer the best services seamlessly integrated into an intuitive portal surface.


TRAFFIQX© partners operate their own portals based on b4 technology and connect companies network-wide. With each new registration, the use for all members grows within the entire network.

One source services - for all sectors

b4 services span the entire range of electronic exchange of business documents and data with opportunities for optimization and savings for companies operating in any sector.

Moreover, we provide associations with highly efficient services relating to paper: we print, envelope, and distribute paper and we also digitize paper with data capture and data verification.

One platform – fully transparent and including a monitoring function – at a fair price. Whether you are a sender or a receiver or both, we represent process reliability and cost savings.

It takes only a simple internet connection to start using the b4 data and document services: just install a virtual printer – no project costs and no capital investment.


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Document and data exchange with private and corporate clients

The two-fold customer structure of energy companies places a dual requirement on the utilities concerning the exchange of business documents and for invoicing.

Corporate customers, industrial bulk users, commercial customers, housing construction firms and building management companies increasingly demand electronic records exchange with data sets.

Private customers, as a rule, prefer the traditional paper invoice. In this group, approximately 50% of the total volume is expected at certain times of the year i.e., year-end accounting.

With the complete b4 service offer, utility companies are able to satisfy both customer groups equally using a central platform that provides all necessary services.

Subsequent to the data being delivered to us by the company via virtual printer driver, EDI, or some other system, we perform the electronic or paper distribution.

Industrial letter production at a high security print center, offers the appropriate print, enveloping, and distribution capacities – all at an economically efficient price at any scheduled time.

Of course, paper distribution service is also available to business customers, as a supplement to the electronic means and applicable for business documents that still require the paper form.

We also offer a simple and fully automated integrated monthly distribution of meter reading cards, monthly statements, reminders, and network use documents.


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Efficiency for large document volumes with attachments

International transactions are characteristic for the logistics branch, where high document volumes and multiple attachments are a major topic of interest for logistics companies.

Customs documents, shipping notices, and other attachments are of major importance in international transport the b4 service offer automatically includes these attachments as part of the process.

We integrate the option of flexible electronic delivery to the destination with the production and distribution of paper documents.

We implement the paper distribution services using a high performance printing center with industrial capacities, postage optimization, and the highest economic efficiency in comparison to the competition or self-distribution.

Whether electronic or paper in every case, we guarantee logistics companies a great savings potential with full transparency as a member of the b4 platform.

All you need to take advantage of the b4 service offer now is a basic internet connection and the quick installation of the b4 printer driver - no project costs and no capital investment.


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One provider for all - think efficiency

Shared Service Centers or, central processing centers, are often introduced in combination with technical innovations at a company or a group of companies.

One important process in this concept is the centralized capture of decentrally accrued paper documents, and this brings with it the topic of digitization as well as downstream electronic processes.

The aim is an integrated, centralized document processing system for both accounts payable and accounts receivable by means of a variety of electronic channels and in optional data formats.

The b4 service offer, with its modular design, is the ideal extension especially for shared service centers and provides the best way to deliver the central services of an SSC.

In addition to the electronic exchange of documents and data on all channels and in every format, our service offer also includes the integrated digitization and distribution of paper documents.

We digitize paper and capture data for further electronic workflow at state of the art, high security scanning centers – safeguarded by supplemental, manual reviews.

Having all required services available from one SSC and having it operated by one service provider on one central platform reduces costs significantly.

Our international connections concept provides the SSC with an integrated network where all partners are on board for "unified messaging" (standard format for all channels).


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Simplified settlement data in company groups with central accounting

Supplier associations with centralized accounting gain an enormous advantage from having their contractual suppliers connected to the b4 platform via the virtual b4 printer driver.

The parallel preparation of settlement data as well as the individual data and documents for the member companies removes the time intensive burden of the sorting effort from the suppliers.

Supplemental services such as central archiving and the preparation of individual posting records and electronic documents are included for association members.

Of course, the electronic transfer of purchase orders and change notices from the member to the association’s central office is also performed over the b4 printer driver.

With b4, the originals as well as the copies of vouchers may be delivered in any variant to the member or to the association – electronicly or as paper, with or without accounting record.

In addition, b4 provides scanning and data capture of the suppliers' paper vouchers for further processing at central accounting and billing.


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