• All formats, all delivery types

    All formats, all delivery types

    Provide you customers with the formats
    and delivery channels they require.
    Process incoming documents extensively automated.
    No modification to your in-house system is necessary.
  • Direct cost savings

    Direct cost savings

    Profit immediately from significantly reduced
    processing costs and intelligent mailings
  • No modification to your in-house system

    No modification to your in-house system

    We provide fast access to electronic dispatch and receipt
    of transaction documents for your company.
    In addition to industry standard formats we
    support the easiest of ways, the simple installation of a printer driver.
  • Your advantages within the network

    Your advantages within the network

    As a user of our services you are a member in a
    network of service providers, partners and experts,
    the TRAFFIQX© network. Find out benefits for you.
  • All formats, all delivery types
  • Direct cost savings
  • No modification to your in-house system
  • Your advantages within the network
Network Founders

Network Founders

As founder of the TRAFFIQX© network b4 not only supplies the technological basis but is also deeply involved as a visionary and pioneer in the future of electronic document and data exchange development.

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Service Provider

Service Provider

We as TRAFFIQX© Provider offer companies of all branches and sizes secure receipt and dispatch of transaction documents electronically via any channel, worldwide.

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Network Partner

Network Partner

The professional services of the TRAFFIQX© network are provided according to the requirements by selected TRAFFIQX© partners. Thus, we offer the best services seamlessly integrated into an intuitive portal surface.


TRAFFIQX© partners operate their own portals based on b4 technology and connect companies network-wide. With each new registration, the use for all members grows within the entire network.

Partners in the network

SGH Service Aktiengesellschaft

b4 Partner sgh AG

One of Germany's largest full-service providers of outsourcing in the area of accounting, sgh Service AG currently employs about 100 people at the Hildesheim location. The company, founded in 1990, is specialized in automated invoicing, electronic invoice exchange and the technical processes of central accounting and supports customers from the commercial trades, manufacturing sector, and trade associations. As a service provider, sgh offers full invoicing processes for its customers. We process both paper-based as well as electronic invoices to manage the accounts payable. For accounts receivable, sgh supplies the solutions for automated dispatch of tax compliant electronic invoices.


Neopost Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

b4 Partner Neopost Deutschland

Neopost is Europe´s leading and the world´s second largest provider of mail processing system. Neopost accelerates and simplifies the mailing process as well as the document management with innovative solutions and customer oriented consultancy, financial and other services. This French company sells its service portfolio in more than 90 countries and is directly represented in 18. Neopost employs 5.500 people and generated more than 1 billion Euros revenue in 2011. Neopost is listed out in compartment A of Euronext Exchange Paris and listed in the SBF-120-Index.



b4 Partner Asterion

ASTERION International operates throughout Europe in the Document-Process-Outsourcing (DPO) theatre and generated revenue of 100 Euros at numerous locations in 12 European countries. Asterion offers its customers expertise in all areas relevant to document management within a company: mailroom management, digitization, electronic data processing, physical and digital archiving, transaction printing, reprographics as well as the organization of marketing campaigns etc.


RICOH Deutschland GmbH

b4 Partner RICOH

The company has been in the print theatre for about 140 years and successful in the data management since 1991. What began as a classic newspaper printing is now one of the industry´s most successful and technically innovative companies.



Bundesdruckerei GmbH

b4 Partner Bundesdruckerei

Electronic communication increases steadily worldwide. Along with its proliferation requirements of process security grow as well. With the Trustcenter D-TRUST founded in 1998 the Bundesdruckerei offers high-security products relating to electronic signatures. The accredited Trustscenter D-TRUST operating in a specially protected high-value printing building of the Bundesdruckerei, offers companies as well as government agencies interoperable and tried and tested signatures products including related advisory services and the entire range of the Trustcenter services. Within the b4-network, D-TRUST Signature ensures reliably the integrity and authenticity of the documents.



partnerlogo datev

DATEV eG is the software house and IT service provider tax consultants, auditors and lawyers, including their mostly medium sized clients. The company is one of the largest information service provider in Europe. DATEV eG is ranked number 3 by the renowned Lünendonk-Ranking of German software houses. The range of service range encompasses mainly the areas of accounting human resources, business consulting, taxation, enterprise resource planning (ERP), IT-security as well continuing education and consulting. Since it was founded in Nuremburg in 1966 together with its members the cooperative has improved economical processes of more than 2.5 million companies, municipalities, associations and institutions.


Be Cloud

b4 Partner Be Cloud SRL

The Italian Startup "Be Cloud" is headquartered in Milan. The company´s focus lies mainly on the area of electronic networking of senders and receivers wanting a simple and fast way to exchange transaction documents of different formats, channels taking into account all legal requirements. Since its founding, Be Cloud relies on b4 technology and therefore draws on on a large amount of recipients and strong references.   

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